Dew of the Gods X Miss K Bundle | Dew of the Gods Australia

This is everything and more! Featuring 7 Dew staples and Miss K iconic lip and eye masks to add to your skin care regimen. It's also the best way to get to know Dew of the Gods and Miss K at a discount, since this bundle lets you try everything for less!


  • FijiFuji Mask ($58 AUD)
  • Frozé Lip Scrub ($20 AUD)
  • Frozé Body Scrub ($30 AUD)
  • Frozé Body Wash ($27 AUD)
  • Hyablend Glow Oil Serum ($38 AUD)
  • Rain Water Collagen Toner ($33 AUD)
  • Dippin Dots Vitamin C Serum ($41 AUD)
  • Miss K SKIN StarDust Eye Mask 5 pack ($39.99)
  • Miss K SKIN Perfect Pout Lip Mask 5 pack ($45)

Total value of $334. Buy for $239


For the ingredients of each of the products included in the Dew of the Gods X Miss K Bundle, please visit each individual product page.


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