Faux Mink 3D Strip Lash | Lash Box LA


When you’re in the mood to add a little oomph–or drop-dead drama–to your every day, Lashbox LA’s 3-D multi-dimensional synthetic lashes will do just the trick. The high-quality, flexible and long-lasting lashes look professional and are created to mimic luxurious mink (they’re cruelty-free!). What’s more, this cost-effective option lasts for 15 wears when used with care. Take your natural beauty to new heights!  


Partner with our best selling strip lash adhesive in clear or black 

Precision Bond adhesive - clear or black strip lash adhesive

  • Cruelty-Free Mink Synthetic
  • Up to 15 Wears
  • 3-D Multi-Dimensional Look
  • Extra Fluffy and Realistic-Looking

Aviator - volume with length at the outer corner. When you are looking for volume and a fanned, coquettish vibe, the Aviator lash is for you. With volume across the lash line and extra length at the outer corner, you’ll love how it widens and lifts the eye.

Chelsea - a fast, full, feathery flare. When you need to look foxy (and fast!), the super-soft, flared Chelsea lash is just the ticket. This set offers multiple lash  lengths across the entire band, adding more gorgeous dimension than you thought possible.

Dressed - ultimate fluffy finish with a gradual fan. When you’re dressed to the nines, you need a lash to match. It doesn’t get more “done” than Dressed, which offer a fluffy feel and gradual fan to lend a luxuriant feline look. 

Gigi - full and feathery supermodel-worthy fringe. Whether or not you’re headed for a photoshoot, the Gigi lash will elevate what you were born with. Best of all, the full, crisscrossed lashes in jet black will look good with anything you pair them with.

Jet - the jet-black cat-eye of your dreams. When it comes to lashes, our flared, dramatic Jet will be all you need to pack for your next weekender. This gorgeous, dramatically fanned set of lashes will have you sitting pretty with first-class vibes.

Jolie - effortless, everyday lashes. A perfect intro for the lash-timid, the Jolie lash offers a tapered length–longer in the middle (but not too long!)–and not too bold.

Summer - a velvety, densely-packed flutter. No matter the season, Summer will define your lash line in a snap for easy, relaxed glamour. You’ll love the dramatic definition the full clusters lend to your favourite eye.

Wild - rich and luxuriant with a subtle flare. Born to be…highly envied? For those who prefer boots to stilettos, our Wild lashes are an easy complement to a smoky eye. Offering a nearly uniform length across the band (with a touch of extra length in the middle to open the eye), your lash look can’t be tamed.