Frozé Body Scrub Bundle | Dew of the Gods Australia

An exfoliating and invigorating bundle featuring two of our iconic best-sellers — Frozé Body Scrub and Frozé lip scrub. Sisters (but not twins), our Frozé exfoliators are naturally formulated to nourish a deep scrub on a light heart.

Start your exfoliation routine by using Frozé Iced Rosé Body Scrub completely dry for the ultimate high-pressure scrub. Slip into the shower or bath and feel the strawberry and blueberry seed oils melt away to leave your skin nourished and remineralized. Step out of the shower and taste the inspiration of our favorite summertime cocktail on your lips with the ultimate renewing lip scrub. Our lip scrub is a dry scrub in large sugar granules, allowing for a preservative-free, vegan formula of just 8 ingredients. 

How to use

Frozé Body Scrub: Scrub me all over your face and body 2-3 times a week, with whatever pressure feels right. Gently exfoliate dead skin with natural sea salt. Invigorate with blueberry essential oil, strawberry seed oil, and jojoba essence for the ultimate after-scrub moisturization. Get drunk on life. Be cute. 

The Blessing: Every unit of Frozé Body Scrub is blessed to inspire pride and confidence. Be you. We love all people (and if you don't, plz don't hit checkout on our store).

Frozé Lip Scrub: First of all, say sorry to your lips (just whisper it, they'll hear you, they're... lips). Gently rub across lips whenever they look or feel chapped. Wipe off excess, and enjoy! You'll definitely want to eat Frozé (and it tastes AMAZING) but remember that it has hyaluronic acid (for deep moisture), so we recommend wiping off with a towelette, not your tongue girl. 

The Blessing: Every unit of Frozé Lip Scrub is blessed by a Buddhist monk to inspire the gift of forgiveness. Let the soft sweetness of this luxurious scrub remind you of the art of giving in and letting go where necessary. Call them — let them know you're good. Grow together. Xoxo.


Frozé Body Main Ingredients: Strawberry Seed Oil for invigoration, Jojoba Oil for deep moisture, Sea Salt for a medium-rough cleanse. Full Ingredients: Sea salt, aqua, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, cap-b, glycerol, propylene glycol, jojoba oil, vitamin B3, chamomile extract, pot marigold, strawberry seed oil, citric acid, blueberry essential oil, CI45100

Frozé Lip Scrub Main Ingredients: Sugar for a rough cleanse, Coconut & Jojoba Oil for deep moisture, Shea Butter for repairing, Hyaluronic Acid to stay wet. Full Ingredients: Sugar, Strawberry Extract, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E,Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid.


Dew of the Gods is vegan. We will never test on animals. Frozé containers are made from recycled plastic, and our lip scrub is made from ethically-sourced sugar. Our brand is LGBT-owned and inclusive to all people.