GodSquad Pro Bundle | Dew of the Gods Australia

This. Is. EVERYTHING. The Godsquad Pro Bundle is everything — featuring 7 iconic staples to your skin care regimen. It's also the best way to get to know Dew of the Gods at a discount, since the Godsquad Pro Bundle lets you try everything.


  • FijiFuji Mask ($58 AUD)
  • Frozé Lip Scrub ($20 AUD)
  • Frozé Body Scrub ($30 AUD)
  • Frozé Body Wash ($27AUD)
  • Hyablend Glow Oil Serum ($38 AUD)
  • Rain Water Collagen Toner ($33 AUD)
  • Dippin Dots Vitamin C Serum ($41 AUD)

Total value of $249. Buy for $199 - SAVE $50.


For the ingredients of each of the products included in the Godsquad Pro Bundle, please visit each individual product page. All products in The Godsquad Pro Bundle are vegan.


Dew of the Gods is vegan. We will never test on animals. All products in the Godsquad Pro Bundle contain some form of recycled material in their packaging. Our brand is LGBT-owned and inclusive of all people.

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